Touring New Orleans

New Orleans is city where everyone lives together…no matter where you stay you will notice the diversity.  The city is full of history and beauty, as along as you pull yourself out of the coma that is Bourbon Street.  Walking down a street with a meter-long frozen drink has never been really my thing, but there are some spots worth hitting.  If nothing else, you will be entertained simply by just watching people.  Pat O’Brien’s is legendary and a Hurricane or Cyclone drink is a must-try, especially if you can grab a seat in the courtyard.  Just a block away from the chaos is the Acme Oyster House which is hard to miss when you see the line out front.  It’s worth the wait just for the chargrilled oysters!  My advice for a nice dinner, avoid the invasion of the celebrity chef and head to the places that have been serving fine food for years (or decades).  Commander’s Palace in the Garden District, Galatoire’s or

Antoine’s in the While the tourists have returned to New Orleans, I think it is important that is you are visiting, make sure to visit all of New Orleans.  Some areas still struggle after to come back from Hurricane Katrina…if you haven’t seen the 9th Ward, then you have never seen the 9th Ward.