About Us

I like food, and I love to travel.


A few years ago while vacationing in New York, I found myself limited by 3 meals per day.  There are so many restaurants and so little time!  That is when I decided that it doesn’t have to be 3 meals per day, and as long as I stuck to ordering small plates or sharing a dish at each place, I could try a lot more food.  Then, I thought, how am I going to fit into all my clothes after such glutenous days?  Walk!  It’s great way to see a city, get away from the tourist traps, and enjoy lots of new foods.  That trip to New York set my record of eating at 8 restaurants and walking 10 miles.  Now I can’t imagine seeing another city without doing the same.






“This summer my husband and I took one of the Chicago food tours with friends, and it was the most amazing food experience ever.  The food and the city were remarkable.  To be able to enjoy the city on foot and eat many famous dishes all in one day was like no other!  In our past travels, it was always difficult narrowing down which restaurant to go to because they all sounded good.  This was the perfect solution – a little of each.  We can’t wait for our next one!”               – Erika A.