Touring Zermatt, Switzerland

Part of the fun of traveling is eating out!  And while I normally go on and on about the food, after visiting a place like Zermatt, it’s important to not only appreciate the cuisine but also the venue in which it is enjoyed.  From restaurants in the basement of old hotels to a bar carved out of ice, having a meal is an experience and sometimes even an adventure.  Rather than taking a break from skiing and heading into a crowded on-mountain cafeteria for a crappy burger, you can follow the signs to a shack where the cheese is made from the cows that graze there in the summer or head to an igloo where the drinks always stay cold.  Traveling is not always about fine dining –  it should be about enjoying the culture that brought you to that destination in the first place.  The food was great as was the local wine, but I can’t help but feel that the food tasted so much better because of where it was being served.

Iglu Dorf

Chez Vrony