Touring Vancouver

A beautiful city that is easy to navigate on foot or public transportation, Vancouver does not disappoint when it come to food touring!  Fresh seafood,  and significant french and asian influences, the cuisine is definitely something to savor.  If you are looking for one stop shop, Granville Island’s Public Market is not to be missed.  There, you can enjoy anything from a burrito to fish and chips, wontons to poutine, and anything in between.  Once you have had your fill of the food and the crowds, walk a few blocks away to Dockside Brewery to rest your feet and enjoy a cocktail while you take in the view of the marina.  For those looking for a more eclectic or hipster local, check out  the Gastown area bars.  Even the main downtown area has something for those who don’t have to sit for a meal…Japadog is a must try!  I never thought I would enjoy a hot dog from a street vendor so much…this is gourmet on the go.  After spending the day touring the city, walking the water front or biking in Stanley Park, enjoying a nice relaxing meal at one of Vancouver’s finest is the perfect end to the day.  From french to italian to sushi, Vancouver ranks with some of the best.  If nothing else, be sure savor the oysters from British Columbia.