Touring Montreal, Canada

Liverpool HouseEvery trip I take, the eating begins the moment I arrive.  My vacations are typically never laid back or relaxing.  While I always enjoy my time away, its always actively packed with things to do, places to visit, and most importantly, bites to eat.  This trip was different…I still tried to pack in as much as I could, but my pace was slowed down due to a recent knee injury that has put me in a brace and left using crutches.  I hate spending money on transportation rather than food.  I did my research for this trip, just like any other trip that I take, and the important thing for anyone traveling to Montreal to know is that it is not Paris.  Going with an open mind and a empty stomach is key because the food is different but fantastic!  Upon arrival, I was able to make it to a few places to get my fill of macaroons, and I taste tested my way thru the local bagel shops.  While these treats are not like what you may find in Paris or New York, they are tasty in their own way.

One thing I have learned is that I am guilty of anticipating places to eat so much that sometimes I am left disappointed.  We had hoped to get in at the famous Joe Beef, but no reservations were available so I reluctantly went with their sister restaurant, Liverpool House, and it turned out to exceed my expectations and was not only the best dinner I had while in town, but the best meal I have had in long time.  A crepe stuffed with foie gras is a must try and the Cote de Boeuf completes the gluttonous yet delicious evening.  The atmosphere is relaxed yet lively, and although I was intimidated with the french language being spoken, there is no sign of the pretentious demeanor sometimes associated with places in Paris.

We were blessed with beautiful spring weather allowing me to do what little walking my knee would allow, but more importantly, it was perfect for dining al fresco to enjoy a glass of wine and some people watching.  Walking down the streets of Old Montreal was like I was spending the day in an old European town.  I filled my belly with crepes, smoked meats. poutine, and more wine, and even satisfied my sweet tooth with the famous maple syrup poured over snow!  The perfect end to another great trip was an evening filled with even more wine and foie gras courtesy of Au Pied de Cochon.


Foie Gras

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