Touring Las Vegas

Visiting Las Vegas is not what I would consider a relaxing vacation, but it can sure be fun…and overwhelming!  Its easy to get caught up in all the lights and sounds that surround you and it is even easier to swept away with indulgences.  This city is the celebrity chef capitol of the world so eating well is easy to do.  What you may not know is that there are places worth the hefty price tag and some not so much.








My best advice to give to anyone looking to try foods of Vegas is go with what you like on the menu, not by the name of the hotel or the head chef/owner.  Do your research or ask a local while you are there…better ye,t ask me to design a food tour for you!  Keep in mind that the more it costs doesn’t necessarily mean the better it tastes.  While I did enjoy a few pricey items on this most recent trip, I also enjoyed a few cheap treats that I would much rather have again.  It is relatively easy to get around the Las Vegas area with a rental car since parking is free everywhere including hotel casinos.  As long as you don’t mind a little traffic at times and don’t plan on heavy drinking, I think driving is the way to go.