Touring Chicago

Sweet home Chicago…

While the weather may be hit or miss during the month of December, the city never looked so beautiful!  The best part of food touring during this time of year is if you are cold, stop inside somewhere and have a drink!  Chicago has plenty of options for where to eat or drink year round but during the holiday season, a stop at Daley Plaza’s Christkindlmarket is a must!  After visiting Santa and seeing the world famous Walnut Room christmas tree at Macy’s on State, a stop at this market is a must to get you in the holiday spirit…the spiced wine also helps give you that warm feeling inside 🙂  After lunch, take a walk down Michigan Avenue.  Yes, there will be crowds but even if you don’t feel like fighting just to get to the registers, the experience is worth it.  Stop into any restaurant/bar along the way for a beverage to warm you up…I have my favorites and places I visit every year.

If you are looking to visit Chicago but would prefer to stay far away from the crowds, that is always a possibility as well.  The city is full of hidden gems on every corner serving any style of food you may be in the mood for from Costa Rican cuisine to heavy metal burgers and everything in between!