Touring Captiva Island

I love vacations, but I really love going to the beach and relaxing…where the only decision you have to make is what to drink and when to get up and go eat.  Captiva Island has been a vacation spot for me and my family for years and while you may not find any 5 star “jacket required” restaurants, you will find great food with a great view.  On this most recent trip, my goal was to try to have fried shrimp wherever I could get it…I’ve always thought the shrimp just tasted better when you have a view of the beach and nothing on except a bathing suit.  Some of my most favorite places to visit while on the islands of southwest Florida are the Lazy Flamingo, Cantina Captiva, and the Mucky Duck. Of course if you have never been to Captiva Island, I suggest you also check out the Bubble Room…I now just get my bubble bread and dessert to-go (when you see the size of the cakes here, you will need it to-go so you can eat it for the rest of your week vacation).


My vote for the best Fried Shrimp on the island….The Mucky Duck!  Eat outside with a cold Yuengling beer and you will be a very happy person!