Sample Tour

Leave hotel
(walk 0.3 miles)

Anne’s Bakery
900 Bell Ave
*Cinnamon Roll
(walk 1 mile)

Murrey’s Café
601 W Fort Dr
*Breakfast burrito
(walk 1.6 miles, you will walk on a bridge to cross the river and have great views of the city)

Jack’s Deli
1356 Adams St
*Corned Beef or Pastrami Sandwiches
(walk 1.2 miles)

Take your time walking down Illinois Blvd to your next destination.  The street is lined with great shopping!  My favorite place is Pinocchio’s for boutique style women’s clothing.

Pizzeria Duo
2101 Illinois Blvd
*Stuffed Spinach Pizza
(walk 0.8 miles)

Frank’s Dogs
1300 Lawrence Dr
*Game meat sausages
(walk 1.8 miles)

Thai Garden
855 Washington St
*Hot & Spicy Crab

Hop in a taxi and head back to the hotel.  You will probably want to rest your feet and freshen up for dinner.  Depending on how you feel (and the shoes you decided to wear), you can walk 1.6 miles to dinner or take a taxi.

12 S Ogden St
(reservations recommended)
*Sushi & Asian Cuisine
(skip dessert here and walk 0.5 miles…it will be worth it)

Max & Brent’s
401 S Ogden St
*Chocolate everything!
(walk 2.1 miles back to hotel to burn off those calories or taxi it back)