Mastro’s Steakhouse – Chicago

Mastro’s Steakhouse located at 520 N Dearborn St. in Chicago

I have been to my fair share of steakhouses, and I do feel that Chicago is home to some of the best including the recent addition of Mastro’s at the corner or Grand Ave and Dearborn St in the heart of downtown.  While it may not have the history and tradition that many of the Chicago Steakhouses are known for, it makes up for in modern yet subtle decor, and simple yet delicious food.

I recommend starting your dinner with a martini and a build-your-own seafood tower.  The oysters are fresh and the stone crab claws are out-of-this-world delicious.  While they do offer both cocktail and mustard sauces, I recommend enjoying the stone crab claws just as they are!  For an entree, of course you have to have a steak, but you may find it difficult to choose which one!  Go for the double-cut porterhouse and share with a very hungry friend.  You will love the simple flavor of the strip side and the tenderness of the filet.  Everything is a la carte and the sides will go a long way so be sure to listen to your waiter/waitress when she tells you their signature sides…there is a reason why they are know for lobster mashed potatoes but don’t under estimate the brussel sprouts!

For dessert, I was hoping for a moist chocolate layer cake to finish off my remaining glass of red wine.  While it was good, I was very happy that I again listened to our waitress and also ordered the signature warm butter cake.  I took the chocolate cake home and finished off the butter cake until the plate was completely clean.

A word of caution when dining at Mastro’s…everything is big!  Even ordering a martini (try the cosmo) leaves you with a full martini glass and a shaker with at least another full glass inside!