Kid-Friendly Recipes

Let’s face it…I don’t get out to restaurants much anymore. We try to go out once a week, but with our twin girls, it usually is a rushed meal. I’m not so concerned with taking pictures and enjoying the atmosphere as I once was. Outings for us are about eating good food without having to cook it, but also about getting our girls used to eating out and trying new foods. So with that being said, my blog is undergoing a change…instead of writing about exotic foods, artistic plates, and fancy restaurants, I’m going to write about kid-friendly, healthy recipes that I have tried on my twin girls. Most of these recipes are not mine, or not entirely mine. Many I have found online or heard about from other sources. Some have been adapted to our tastes or for living in high altitude.  I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…I LOVE food…I want my girls to love food too but more importantly I want them to eat healthy.  This blog, while changing in content, will still allow me to enjoy what I love while sharing what I’ve learned with others.