House of Prime Rib – San Francisco

If you like red meat, this is your place!  There is not much to choose from on this menu and that is ok by me!

Step 1 – order a drink; Step 2 – choose your cut; Step 3 – eat!

You will be in awe when the silver cart comes near your table.  I recommend the House of Prime Rib Cut whether you think you can eat it all or not…it’s the best cut of meat without question.  All meals come with the spinning salad bowl (surprisingly delicious), choice of potato, creamed spinach and yorkshire pudding.  While I will admit that the yorkshire pudding is not my favorite (I have a better recipe!), you really won’t care.  This restaurant is for meat eaters who like it simple and want to share a meal enjoying the company of friends.  It’s close quarters inside and very loud but very fun!