Girl & The Goat – Chicago

In the past 5 years, Chicago’s food scene has been changing, most of which in a good way.  I always think its nice to have a variety of food to choose from in a city, and if you are going to go out to dinner, it’s nice to go somewhere and try a lot of new things…if you like to share.  With a recent boom of what I would consider tapas, or small plate, restaurants in the Chicago area, the Girl & the Goat seem to be the it place to be as noticed by the difficulty in getting a reservation.  If you are good at planning well in advance or willing to wait upwards of an hour, this place is worth a try.  The food is eclectic, sometimes a bit rich, so its best to choose your plates wisely or bring lots of friends.  The atmosphere is simple, but the energy level is a bit loud for my taste.  If having the ability to have an intimate conversation is not an issue, than enjoying the view of the open kitchen may excite you.  Best dish in my opinion is the pork shank so be sure to leave room!  And don’t underestimate the desserts…while the menu may nat be something traditional, it is a delightful sweet and savory treat.