Dining on a Dude Ranch







Before starting the day enjoying the outdoors, you must start with a good breakfast…and when dining on a ranch, it is not just the horses that are branded.


Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes

Away from the sounds of traffic and no distraction from television or cell phones, Vista Verde Ranch allows you to take time to smell the roses (or better yet, watch the snowflakes fall).  The activities they offer not only allow you to get out to the path least traveled, they help you burn off the many delicious calories you will consume thanks to Chef Cholly.  After spending the morning making first tracks while skiing in the backcountry, enjoy fueling up back in the lodge with a Southwest Caesar Salad and Mole Chicken Tacos.  The best part…dessert with the best brownie/blondie/chocolate chip/oatmeal cookie bar you have ever had or something they call a Revel Bar.  Despite the desire to nap after being so glutinous, enjoy a trail ride, snowshoe, or learn to skate ski all in the name of preparing for dinner!  Once the dinner bell rings, you will be glad that you spent the day making room for yet another great meal.  Whether you choose to go with the Fried Chicken, Seared Scallops, or a healthy portion of iron in the New York Strip Steak, you will sleep like a baby just in time to do it all again tomorrow.