Cuba Cuba Cafe & Bar – Denver, CO

Cuba CubaThe palm tree in the front of this restaurant is a welcome site in the mile high city. I feel like this is my escape to the Caribbean.  The colorful décor within the bar and restaurant is as inviting as a chair sitting on the beach.  The atmosphere is lively, a celebration of the senses.

The mojitos are always flowing, refreshing even if it is 90 degrees or 9 outside my personal favorite is the mango mojito and the pina colada is delicious if you can handle the amount of liquor in it.  Nothing goes better with your drink of choice than Mariquitas Cubana, plaintain chips with avocado mash and mojo.  Once you smell the Cuban delicacies that are flying out of the kitchen, you won’t want to stop there!  I try to arrive early because this place gets crowded and I get impatient once I start to see and smell the food.  My favorites are the Vaca Frita and the Pan Con Bistec…I go back and forth with these dishes each time I go.  The best way to end your evening of gluttony is to sip on a Cortadito and the guava pastry for dessert.