Coohills – Denver, CO

CoohillsI like a good meal, special occasion or not, but I appreciate a meal even more if the restaurant makes a extra effort to make that special occasion truly special.  Spending my husband’s 40th birthday at Coohills was made perfect by great service, relaxed atmosphere, and amazing food.

We have driven by the restaurant countless times, and I have always kept it in the back of my mind to try.  Doing a search online, I was pleased to find that they have a chefs counter and tasting menu option.  Since I can never pick just one thing off the menu, I love to have the chef create a few tasty plates for me, and watching it all come together is entertaining.  From start to finish, each dish brought out was better than the last, and although I can never keep up with the wine pairing, I do like the combination, not to mention the collection of glasses I accrue in front of me.

The restaurant is much bigger inside than I envisioned from the outside appearance, and I will not continue to just drive by this place.  There is a wonderful wine selection, lively bar area to watch the game, and spacious patio to enjoy the weather so I think this place will be frequented no matter the occasion.