Chez Vrony – Zermatt, Switzerland

This is on-the-mountain dining like no other!  Skiing in the states usually means a granola bar for breakfast and a crappy burger or pizza for lunch in an over crowded cafeteria.  Chez Vrony has changed the way I will forever view lunch on the slopes.  The modest hut off the beaten path has spectacular views and a cozy dining room.  The food is fresh and grown local.  A small plate (which is not so small) of dried meats and cheese to start goes great with local wines.  To refuel after hours of skiing in the alps, home-made pasta with cheese made from the cows who graze on the mountain in the summer.  Lunch here is to be enjoyed, both the food and the atmosphere.

Chez Vrony Chez Vrony

Goat Cheese Raviolo Spaghetti