Casa Tua – Aspen

My favorite part of skiing during the day is the meal at night and Casa Tua does not disappoint.  It is a beautiful, yet casual, restaurant on the first floor with private supper club on the second floor.  Dining on small plates is my favorite because it gives me the chance to try a few things on the menu without being stuffed at the end of the meal. Depending on your appetite, you can order a couple or more small plates or entrees off the menu.  I sometimes look at the menu ahead of time before arriving at a restaurant so I know what I want, but this time I was blown away by the specials.


Rarely do I listen to a waiters advice…nothing personally against them it’s just that I know what I want…but this meal I’m glad I took the advice of our waiter.  I never turn down a mushroom risotto especially when it is finished off with freshly shaved black truffles!  Everything from the specials to the glass of wine to go with them as well as the dessert were not all things I would normally order, but so glad I did.  I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a great meal or to refuel after skiing.  The only downside of the evening is it seems some of the other patrons are bit up tight and rude to the staff, but that may be the general crowd in a place like Aspen.